"Steeped in dark, menacing, moving and absorbing atmospheres, and richly layered bliss, ‘Mitochondrial Sun’ has definite repeat listening value, where something different can be heard, felt and experienced with each new encounter, such is its creative and emotional depth."
- Metal Discovery (9,5/10 review)

The debut album of Mitochondrial Sun was released in February 2020 via Argonauta Records and features ten darkly cinamatic songs from former Dark Tranquillity guitarist Niklas Sundin. 


The 2nd album, “Sju pulsarer”, will be released on November 13 (digital) and February 26 (LP/CD). Pre-order here or here.

Further exploration:

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News updates:

September 2020: New single, “Pulsar 1” out now (YouTube, Spotify) .
June 2020: New single, “Arsia Mons” out now (YouTube, Spotify).
February 2020: Album released everywhere.